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A 6/16 dragonboat is 13 metre long and weighs 1 ton. It takes many of us to lift them out from the water.
Now we practice in Gemini and BUK boats which are lighter and not so comfortable.

A race must be organized well ahead of time.

paddles are ready

water station
life jackets must be sorted paddles provided drinking water supplied
ambulance first aid portable toilets
first aid stations on alert and lots of portables needed at a race

To compete in a race needs diligent practice, preparation, organization,
cooperation, enjoyment....etc.

winter practice Canada day
we practice in the cold ...and we practice even on holidays
snowbirds practice in February lining up for races
we practice when it snowing practice in February then we line up to board a boat at the race
boarding dragonboays seniors race
sometimes it is not that easy to board a boat then we race sometimes we got a trophy
We are not just practicing and racing but we are having fun too!
teaching new paddlers group  photo
Teaching new generation of paddlers
is our commitment
we go for tractor rides we line up for picture taking
Charlies beer garden
Won best costumes' first prize at the women's race 2003 after the races we have a beer to celebrate

Janet granddaughter
Grandchildren often come to cheer at the races
having fun eating good food
Few times a year we come together to have fun and good food
But we have fun watching other racers too
warrior-1 greenface warrior-3


Teams can be recognized from their unique uniforms

Grandragon's at FCRCC Spring Knockout 2012 May 06 uTube

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