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Steveston Dragonboat Festival 2017:
FCRCC Knockout Regatta 2017
Concord Pacific Dragon Boat Festival 2017
Grandragons Celebrate 20 th Aniversary 2017 George
Steveston Dragonboat Festival 2016 George
Concord Pacific Dragonboat Fesival 2016 George
FCRCC Knockout races 2016 George
Grandragons celebrate Kamini and Peggy 2015 George
Steveston races 2015 George
GD's celebrating Birthday of George, 2015 George
Rio Tinto -Alcan - Day Two 2015 George
Rio Tinto, -ALCAN - Day one 2015 George
FCRCC knockout races 2015 George
Dragon Zone Races 2015 George

Grandragons reflections on 2014

Judy Comer
Grandragons Last Practice 2014 Judy Comer
Steveston Dragonboat Festival 2014 George
Rio Tinto Alcan 2014
Women's Guts and Glory (2000 m) at Rio Tinto Alcan, 2014 George
GD`s Women`s final 2014 Anthony Madani

FCRCC Grandragons RioTinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival 2014

Judy Comer
Dragonzone Regatta 2014 Judy Comer
FCRCC Knockout 2014
Grandragons' Dragonboat Practice 2013
Grandragons Xmas Party 2013 George
Grandragons at the Dragonboat World Championship, Szeged Hungary 2013 George
Grandragons' second Chinese Banquet. 2013 George
#16 Dragon Zone Regatta June 8, 2013 George
# 15 False Creek Woman’s Regatta May 25 2013 George
# 13. May 5th Dragon Zone Sprints 2013

Dragon Zone Sprint Regatta 2013 - Race 3 (Aqua bus dock view)

Grandragons Xmas Party 2012 George
Grandragons' Chinese Banquet 2012 George
Steveston Maritime Festival 2012 George
Senior's Races: Mixed team semi fina 2012l janetclothier
Senior's Races: Mixed team final part-1 2012 janetclothier
Senior's Races: Mixed team final part-2 2012 janetclothier

Fun at the Rio Tinto Alcan Drabonboat Festival 2012

Grandragons at Rio Tinto Alcan 2012


Grandragon's at FCRCC Spring Knockout 2012 May 06 George

Harrison Dragonfest 2011 - Race 42 - Division D - Championship

Rio Tinto Alcan 2010 Race 82 Granville Island Brewing Recreational A Championship

Bill Alley (Lotus)regatta A div. Mixed Final May 2010
YouTube Videos of Events Where Grandragons Participated  

Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon Boat Festival 2015

Kamini's Premier Mixed team's Sushi dinner (Kamini and Chris on it too) 2015 George

FCRCC Senior C's Road to Ravenna2014

Judy Comer
Kamini’s boot camp at Granville Island 2013 George
Canadian National Dragon Boat Championship 2013 Judy Comer
Szeged Trylogy 2013
11 th. Dragonboat World Championship, Szeged, Hungary, Opening Ceremony George
11 th. Dragonboat World Championship, Szeged, Hungary, 2000 Meter races on the river Tisza George
11 th. Dragonboat World Championship, Szeged, Hungary, Matyi ér - George
Row the Pacific - blessing ceremony: George
BELIEF TV intervievs at the 11 th. Dragon-Boating World Championship, Szeged, Hungary.
Fast forward to 26:44 and you will see someone you will recognize:

Interesting Dragonboat YouTube Videos
Title Author
Winter practice dragonboating in Montreal 2016 Montreal Gazette
Vancouver Dragonboat Races 2015 adventureriding1

1st IDBF Dragon Boat World Cup, Fuzhou, China 2014, (count how many are in a boat!)


Manila Ocean Park Dragon Boat Team 2014


Dragon Boat Crashes 2014 Alexandr Salachov

Dragon Boat Capsize Drill 2013

# 14 Kamini’s boot camp at Granville Island 2013 George

Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival 2012

Discover Hong Kong
Vancouver Rio Tinto Alcan Dragon boat festival 2012 (Part 1)
Harrison Dragonfest 2011 - FLCC Dragon Alliance - Women's Division C - Championship Race
Foshan Dragon Boat Drift, Guangdong, China. Dragon Boat Festival 2011 Very interesting turns!!!

MUST WATCH DRAGON BOAT CLIP!!! taken from various dragon boat events in Singapore.2011


Kamini Jain talking about paddling stroke technique 2010

Mindy Clark